One of the features of the club is the range of competitions we enter. Having gone through your probationary period and begun to develop your skills you then need to establish an average score, this gives a base line to enter you into teams for either the summer or the winter leagues

These competitions are available for all the disciplines we shoot so whatever your interest there is one for you.


The competitions are based on targets shot at two week intervals throughout the season, to be shot by specific dates. In a year, we probably have over 100 competition entries being run, each averaging 10 rounds per competition, shooting within a team or as an individual against other clubs.

During the summer, the club prone shooters enter both national and regional competitions at distances of 50 Metres and 100 Yards, meeting weekly to shoot their competition targets from the middle of April to early September (when it gets too dark in the evenings). Over the winter some of our more harden shooters compete in all weathers outdoors in the Polar Bear League but generally all our competitions in the winter are at 25 or 20 yards indoors.


There are also a number of national competitions you can attend as members of the club. Members are on hand to help you through your entries and the competitions, or to train at the international standard National Shooting Centre.