The term target shooting encompasses a range of disciplines in the shooting world, from Clay Pigeon Shot Gun through Air weapon, small-bore rifle to full bore shooting from 6 to 1000 yards. Taken together Target Shooting is one of the largest participant sports in the UK. The Market Drayton Rifle Club participate in four of the disciplines available.


        Small bore Rifle

        Lightweight Sport Rifle

        Gallery Rifle

        Muzzle Loading Firearms


For some people shooting is a recreational sport to be enjoyed with friends. For others, it is an intense challenge requiring discipline, mental control and effort, with the goal of competing at club, county or international level.


Rifle shooting is one of a small number of sports that is open to almost anyone irrespective of

disabilitiy, age, gender and fitness, which do not by themselves define who will be good or bad at shooting.


The Market Drayton Rifle Club shoot at the 25-yard range at the Maurice Chandler Sports and Leisure Centre, Tern Hill,  five days a week in the evenings.

1 : The 25 yard target

2 : Standing Sport Rifle

For people who are looking to progress beyond indoor shooting the club has outdoor facilities where we shoot at 50 metres and 100 yards and training is available on how to anticipate the effect of the wind, sun and rain on the shot

3 : Prone Position