On Joining Us

Under the requirements of the Firearms Act we are required to initially enrol members of the club on a probationary basis; this allows you to see if this is a sport which you are interested in, and for us to confirm that you have an aptitude for the sport. Generally speaking this period is three months, although this may be extended, and during this period you will have a mentor who will take you through a series of training modules to brief you on the various aspect of firearms, the law, and competition rules.


Coaching at Market Drayton Rifle Club


Here at the Market Drayton Rifle Club we have a number of NSRA Qualified Coaches and Instructors ready to help you develop your shooting talents to their full potential. We will introduce you to the disciplines we shoot and start your training.


During your probation, in addition to safety and safe handling, key topics are introduced and explained in easy steps, including breathing, aiming, and trigger control. For the prone rifle shooters, step by step guidance on how to build a comfortable and stable prone position whilst wearing a jacket and sling is also covered.


We will take you through the club’s training syllabus helping you to understand our mandatory codes of conduct and the various laws, rules, and regulations which apply to shooting, from competition rules on equipment, course of fire, and witnessing, to preparing and guiding you for your firearms certificate application.















Once you have your own firearm you will find help ready and waiting to assist you in setting up your equipment so that you get the best from it and begin to achieve those winning scores. We also offer periodic improvement courses and sessions such as an introduction to shooting outdoors, through which you will find that you are guided through the steps to achieve your goals.


One question often asked is: at what age can I start shooting? This is rather a difficult question. There are quite complex laws regard the minimum age for firearms possession, but within the club our overriding consideration is safety, and the ability of the shooter to control the firearm and understand the complexities of the sport. Generally speaking, the youngest we will accept a junior for training is 14.  At the other end of the spectrum, one of our members has recently retired from the club in his 80s.


Some members will participate in all four of our disciplines but others will want to specialise in one or two of the skills and we will provide the relevant information to help you make your choice.


We hold a stock of club firearms for all the disciplines we shoot together with scopes, slings and jackets for prone rifle shooting, free for you to use during your probationary period and whilst waiting for your firearms certificate

On Joining Us